Tourism and Conservation

Treasure has long been a champion of conservation initiatives and a leader in the tourism industry across the region. Most well-known is our turtle conservation programme for the Critically Endangered Hawksbill turtle, but we also focus on building and planting coral habitats, increasing breeding populations of the critically endangered Fiji Crested Iguana, repopulating the rare banded rail (Bici bird), and more! The role that resorts and hotels can play in conservation should not be underestimated. Tourists want to visit beautiful locations, therefore hotels are often located in areas of stunning natural beauty, surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and Treasure is certainly no exception!

Here at Treasure we pride ourselves upon being great custodians of the natural world. Our unique company ownership structure is one of the key factors contributing to our success in this area – with Treasure being half owned by the traditional landowners, there is great pride and sense of stewardship over the island and the surrounding waters, as well as sustainable socio-economic benefit of secure jobs for the local community. Fijian culture holds a complex bond between I-Taukei (indigenous Fijians) and their ‘vanua’ (traditional lands) which transcends the western concept of land to encompass culture, history and a sense of belonging – Fijian people are inseparably defined by their traditional lands.

A large proportion of our staff are from the landowning families, bringing a wealth of traditional local knowledge and a strong desire to protect the environment for their future generations. The reefs surrounding Treasure have been a marine reserve since 1997, benefitting the wider ecosystem as well as our visiting snorkelers! We constantly look for new ways to bring together successful tourism and conservation initiatives, whether through releasing a critically endangered hawksbill turtle to the wild, planting coral to combat climate change, or photographing iguanas for our iguana population database.