Learn to Snorkel at Treasure Island Resort

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Snorkelling is fantastic ocean activity and one that is wholeheartedly embraced by almost all who visit the sparkling shores of Treasure Island Resort. Our location is adjacent to the Mamanuca Island group marine sanctuary, this protected area enables the marine life to thrive amid the many healthy coral reefs formations within the locale. You can quite literally snorkel directly off the beach in front of the resort! Want to know more? Great…read on to find out the when, where and why you should learn to snorkel in a South Pacific paradise.


Naturally this depends on which underwater wonderland you’d like to investigate. Here at the resort, all snorkel equipment is available for complimentary guest use any time. The water clarity is fantastic any time of day however, it’s usually nicer to go early to mid-morning and/or mid to late afternoon to avoid the midday sun. There’s nothing wrong with a leisurely lunch in-between a snorkelling Fiji adventure now is there! Parents can relax on the beach and watch the kids be thrilled by the teeming marine life just offshore or better yet, join them in a South Pacific Ocean exploration of our islands endless underwater living treasure’s.



Location, location, location. Treasure Island Resort boasts brilliant snorkelling within a 30-50m swim from the beach. It’s kid friendly too since it’s not too deep and super safe on the lower tide. Where else can you just walk out the door of your beautiful beachfront bure and meet so many incredible marine creatures so very close! Book a guided snorkel trip from our affiliated tour operators, and be shown to the best snorkel sites. Learn the necessary skills and snorkel techniques from the best instructors in the business. You’ll find a kaleidoscope of colour around the Mamanuca Islands coral reefs! Expect to see pelagic fish, sea turtles (including the endangered Hawksbill Turtle that Treasure Island proudly protects via our on-site rehabilitation centre), placid white tipped reef sharks, eels, giant clams and a squillion vibrant tropical fish species. Snorkel Tours and Times are displayed daily throughout the resort on our jam-packed activities board.



Fiji is an impressive cluster of approximately 330 islands surrounded by stunning turquoise waters hence it is a mecca for snorkelers. It’s known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” and we at Treasure Island Resort think you’d be crazy if you didn’t don a snorkel and flippers and submerse yourself in one of mother nature’s most visually pleasing underwater sights on earth. Snorkelling in Fiji is a once in a lifetime experience, well suited to beginners and advanced free divers. Thanks to year-round warm water temperatures, guests of Treasure Island will find this outdoor activity always inviting. It’s a relaxing ocean activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Aside from snorkelling, Treasure Island Resort features a whole host of marine orientated adventures. Guest often build up their water confidence with a few snorkel trips then decide to try diving too. Yep, you can sign up to undertake a PADI scuba diving introductory course and become certified within a matter of days. Treasure Island Resort effortlessly caters for larger group bookings, which is ace if you are wanting extended family to come on your Fijian holiday. Get your clan together and go on daily snorkelling adventure’s any time you desire. Afterwards head to one of our many excellent dining venues fuel up as you feast on fresh seafood and top notch international food fare. Make memories filled with sun, surf and sand and be sure to keep your snorkel mask and flippers close to hand.

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