Fiji Music, Songs and Dance | Treasure Island Resort

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Perhaps one of the first things a visitor to Fiji will notice (aside from those magic ocean views) is the warm airport greeting. There’s always a band of merry folk performing traditional Fijian songs, complete with acoustic guitars, flower garlands and welcoming smiles. Even the customs officers seem soothed by the islands sounds. The harmonies of the local people and the ever-present gentle sea breezes resonate with guests from the minute they arrive to the moment they have left. Your arrival at Treasure Island Resort will be no different, step from the boat to the shore and one cannot help but smile at the sweet serenade the friendly staff wholeheartedly sing…

Fiji Music – Stories via Sound

In Melanesian culture music is frequently utilised as a traditional way to pass down local stories, myths and legends from one generation to the next. Fiji music incorporates both song and dance to retell major events such as war stories and famous tales of love. Almost any gathering no matter how small or large can be cause for celebration, Fijian’s love to laugh and have fun! Expect an array of instruments from acoustic guitars, shakers and drums to start rolling early on. Treasure Island Resort has nightly entertainment with a live band who really mix the set up with both classic Fiji beats and modern toe-tapping covers.

Songs of the South Pacific

The Meke Dance

The Meke is the name of the traditional Fijian dance of the indigenous people and is still performed throughout the island archipelago. Pronounced ‘ meh-kay ‘ this song and dance performance tells of Fijian legends, history, love stories and tales of the spirit world. There’s two groups in the performance, the orchestra and the dancers. Menfolk wear full warrior dress and the women wear traditional clothes, all are adorned in flower garlands and glistening in coconut oil as they perform in a most mesmerising show.

The Fijian Warrior Dance

The Cibi and the Bole are perhaps the most well-known of the Fijian warrior dances since they are both often performed as a pre-match ritual in international rugby matches. In essence they are not too dissimilar the Maori people’s approach to their on-field opponents by way of their traditional (and let’s face it, pretty intimidating) New Zealand Haka dance. The Cibi was meant to open the battle and to inspire the troops, but it was sung with more vigor when the victorious army returned home to celebrate. Whereas the Bole effectively translates to the ‘acceptance of a challenge’ – the Bole war cry has a lot more energy compared to the Cibi. Both are terrific examples of authentic Fijian songs.

Treasure Island Resort – Music and Memories

Kids adore learning Fijian dance moves and song tunes at the Little Treasure Kids Club! And come night time here on the island the dance floor is fun for everyone, with live music and general good times to be had by all. Of course, you can keep it more sedate and stick with a private beachfront serenade whilst enjoying a three-course dinner under the stars with your special someone. Either way it’s nice to recall the famous Shakespeare saying, ‘if music be the food of love, play on give me excess of it’. For your stay at Treasure Island Resort is bound to deliver the goodness of both food & music, for sure.

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