Why Kids Love Treasure

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Why our kids love the Little Treasures Kids Club

Kids unite. Treasure Island Resort is an award winning family destination that features one of the best interactive kids clubs in Fiji. Everybody knows that Fijian people are terrific with children but here at the Treasure Island Kids Club the staff take it that step further to ensure that youngsters enjoy a world of fun. There’s immersive island experiences to suit all age groups. Read on to learn all about the daily activities available to Kids Club attendees.

Make and Create

Kids love to make things with their hands. There’s a huge sense of self satisfaction that comes with starting a new project and seeing it come to fruition. Plus it’s a chance to showcase their skills to proud parents and even make a memento to take home. Here’s a brief list of things kids can create during their stay at Treasure Island Resort.

  • Basket Weaving = baby got skills now.
  • Coconut Sail Boats = hours of fun to sail along the shore.
  • Drawings of the local wildlife = yep the resident Iguana’s can be great posers.

Water World

Since you’ve smartly selected a tropical oasis in the South Pacific Ocean for an unforgettable family vacation it will come as no surprise that the Treasure Island Resort Kids Club incorporates plenty of water orientated activities. Wisely we won’t take the children into the water unsupervised hence we encourage parents to take part in more adventurous activities with their children such as outer reef snorkelling. Here’s a couple of the top activities closer to home for kids in the know.

  • Beach Walking Tours – kids can enjoy a guided adventure walk along the water front of our private island. Stop, look and learn about the varied marine creatures that make their home at Treasure Island.
  • Turtle Conservation Centre – Our resort has an on-site conservation centre for the Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtle. Children are taken on supervised excursions to the centre to help feed and clean the infant turtles. They may be lucky enough to participate in the turtle release program whereby young Hawksbill Turtles reared at Treasure Island Resort are released into the ocean. A wonderful experience for all!

* Older children aged 10+ and teenagers may also consider heading out for a surf with Mum or Dad if the conditions are favourable and they’ve already have competent surfing skills. Note; surf charters must be booked through reception*

Environmental Education

Knowledge is power, if you concur than you probably agree it’s best to educate kids whilst they’re young. Instilling core philosophies regarding environmental conservation is key to keeping our planet healthy for generations to come. The Kids Club offers talks and interactive activities pertinent to marine and environmental protection. Learning can indeed be fun – as demonstrated at the Hawksbill Turtle Conservation centre.  In fact many of the specialised kids’ club activities centre on the abundance of local wildlife and the importance of protecting it. Read all about Treasure Island Resorts sustainability efforts here.

Fijian Culture

To truly encapsulate the essence of Fiji we encourage kids to take part in a range of activities that highlight the proud Fijian culture and its diverse heritage. Here’s a few favourites that the Treasure Island Kids Club continually receives rave feedback on.

  • Lovo Preparation – kids love to help prepare the earthen pit where the traditional Fijian lovo is then cooked for hours, giving it that unique smoked flavour. Root vegetables are wrapped in coconut leaves and selected meats are flavoured with Fijian spices to deliver a massive family meal for the resort to feast on that very night.
  • Local Village Tours – Children are taken on an accompanied tour of the local village. Here they gain a valuable insight into the day to day life of the friendly Fijian people and can even check out the local school. NB: Additional fees apply for the village excursion.
  • Dance Performances – Get your party pants on. Kids practice traditional dance moves and Fijian language is learned in song form to present a super fun ‘Meke Performance’. A terrific family bonding moment and great photo opportunity.

Treasure Island prides itself on delivering a special family holiday like no other. Where else in Fiji can kids encounter magical wildlife such as crested iguana’s and baby turtles on-site? For detailed info regarding the Little Treasure Kids Club requirements including registration and age restrictions please click here.