Social and Cultural Development


The Treasure Island Story

Treasure Island Resort is situated on the island of Eluvuka in the Mamanuca group of islands. Established in 1972, Treasure has become synonymous with the Fijian holiday experience. The underlying foundation of Treasure Island brings together a unique blend of truly authentic Fijian culture with a heartfelt objective of providing a home away from home experience for guests. At the core of Treasure Island Resort lies the traditional respect for our natural environment and the famous Fijian friendliness and hospitality; which draws guests back time and time again to our island.

We are unique in that our company ownership places the traditional landowners and local community at the very heart of all that we do. At Treasure Island, more than half the company is owned by the traditional landowners; with the rest being owned by individual shareholders. Our Board of Directors is comprised half of the landowning families and half of shareholder representatives, a structure which is reflected throughout the organisation. One of the very special aspects of Treasure Island is the close knit family community that forms the basis of our staff.

Cultural Identity

Our research shows that a key reason many of our guests visit Fiji, and Treasure, is because they are drawn back to the welcoming happy nature of the Fijian people. We embrace this and seek for every opportunity to showcase the cultural history and national pride of our staff.


Community Focus

Treasure Island has a proactive stance on local community engagement. We invite local handicraft vendors to visit Treasure regularly to support our local villages in traditional Fijian made products. We run regular trips with our guests and Kids Club to visit the local village school and experience traditional Fijian village life. We work with local partners to promote locally run tours and side trips. Our boutique stocks locally made products wherever possible and supports the national “Fijian Made and Buy Fijian” initiative. Food & Beverage departments choose local produce and products over imported whenever local options are available, minimising ‘food miles’ and supporting local businesses and farmers. We host local school visits and contribute to environmental education and awareness; and distribute funds raised through guest activities to the village school to fund projects in the local community. Following Cyclone Winston, Treasure Island supported four villages from the Vuda District during cyclone recovery. Whilst relying on generators due to power line damage, Treasure donated fuel to help keep power in Viseisei Village. We also implemented a mosquito control programme to address the threat of increasing cases of mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya following Cyclone Winston. Treasure implemented a systematic spraying programme to target mosquitoes in four villages of the Vuda District.


Education and Awareness

We recognize the importance of building awareness and education into the programmes that we run. For any conservation initiative to be successful requires effective communication of clearly identified aims and objectives. We aim to engage guests in our conservation programme at all levels: from specifically designed Kids Club activities, to wider general awareness and contribution. Activities range from rock pooling to beach surveys and clean-up activities. Supporting materials display our ongoing programme and highlight areas in which guests can contribute. We also work with local schools to promote environmental awareness and host students for marine conservation activities and educational tours to facilitate learning of the value of nature based tourism and environmental sustainability.