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Marine Reserve and No Take Zone 

Coral reefs are colonies of delicate, slow growing, living creatures, which are very easily damaged. Hard corals especially can take decades to grow and any damage can take decades to heal. With all the other pressures that coral reefs are facing in this modern age from coastal development, sea level rise, ocean acidification, pollution, coral bleaching and shipping industries, we want to do everything we can to give our small marine reserve the chance to go from strength to strength. As part of our marine conservation efforts, we also have an established boat channel and mandatory mooring buoy programme to minimise negative impacts on the reef and prevent anchor damage.

At Treasure we do our very best to protect our reef from impacts, and kindly request your support in observing our guidelines:


  • If you need to stand please find a sandy place to put down your feet
  • Please do not break off any coral branches (even if you think it may already be dead)
  • Be cautious about what you touch or pick up, a shell that may look uninhabited may have a new tenant
  • Take your litter with you, we have plenty of bins around the island, otherwise any litter left on the beach can easily find its way into the sea
  • If you see any exciting larger marine species, such as turtles or dolphins, please do not chase them or attempt to touch them. Your actions could scare or alarm them, these creatures are capable of accidentally causing you harm if they feel threatened. Please stay back and enjoy the view, otherwise they may not come back again.

Thank you in advance for your respect towards our marine reserve status and our commitment to marine conservation, and if these guidelines are too hard to remember then just think of our island motto:

‘Take only memories, leave only footprints’.


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