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Coral Gardening Project and Artificial Reef Development

December 2015 saw the reinstatement of the coral planting programme. The long term strategy is to transplant young corals onto artificial reef points situated around the island with the aim of increasing resilience against unavoidable natural events such as cyclones and coral bleaching.

The first artificial reef structures will be implemented when the planted corals reach the required size. Harvesting of coral fragments is done according to global best practice to ensure minimal negative impact on donor colonies and maximise survival rates of the corals. On the occasions we are conducting planting sessions we encourage you to join us and help create a better reef for the future! Our dedicated Environment Officer is always happy to show you first hand exactly why we do the marine conservation work that we love at Treasure.

Treasure’s commitment to regenerating our reefs means we seek to continuously improve our practices and methodologies to increase our success rates. We actively monitor and maintain our coral nursery to ensure the best chances of survival. In fact we are so passionate about our reefs that we recently hosted a workshop bringing together representatives from the tourism industry, private and government sectors to share ideas and find positive ways to increase survival rates of coral gardening projects to ensure higher success across the region!

Programs such as this are recognised globally as one way to address the challenges faced by our reefs. Over time we will gradually increase the number of transplanted corals to create and regenerate habitat which in turn will attract more beautiful fish life to our marine reserve.

We identify suitable colonies of Acropora and Pocillopora species, recognised as fast growing corals with resilience to coral bleaching. You can see the coral growing racks as you snorkel around the island! This is one of many marine activities we run with the objective of protecting and enhancing our marine reserve for generations to come.

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