Conservation & Sustainability


Conservation & Sustainability

Our mission here at Treasure Island Resort is to offer the ultimate Fijian holiday experience, through providing innovative, consistently reliable and safe facilities for our guests. Whilst also recognising the importance of striving to become the most community and environmentally friendly resort we can be, through sound environmental practices and responsible tourism techniques. Without our stunning surroundings we would not be here today; therefore we place a premium on protecting our beautiful environment and have committed to minimising our impact upon it.

We have a companywide Environment and Sustainability Policy which guides our everyday activities to ensure we prioritise our natural and cultural resources and minimise any potential negative impacts on the people and environment that are the basis of our business.

Breeding program for endangered Hawksbill turtles

You can help feed endangered turtles on a natural diet of sponges and seaweed as they build up strength before being tagged and released back into the ocean. During the breeding season guests can also help monitor.

Reintroduction of marine species

Treasure Island is a protected marine reserve and some of the species now being reintroduced include giant clams, triton snails and coral gardens. You can swim among more than 20 species of reef fish.

Cultivation of the surrounding coral reef

Take part in escorted snorkelling tours to ‘coral tables’ where you can ‘plant’ new coral that will gradually grow and breed.

Rare Crested Iguanas

A popular Kids Club activity is to feed Hibiscus flowers to the rare Crested Iguanas, which change colour when aroused. There only are thought to be only around 6,000 of the iguanas in the world and we are lucky to have.

Efforts to protect Banded Rails

Introduced 10 years ago, the endangered flightless Banded Rail will duck in and out of the bushes outside your bure. Although normally very shy the birds have become very cheeky and it’s not uncommon